Green & Red patterned laser projector projecting on Solar Powered “GalaxyGlo” globe

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Watch this solar powered “GalaxyGlo” LED colored globe as it goes thru its color sequence adjustable by remote control & one of our multi pattern Green & Red laser projectors shining onto the Galaxy Glo globe. Find these and lots more at our web site Like so many of our lighting effects at they compliment each other beautifully so that any home, night club, or party environment is enhanced by multiple lighting effects.

NEW – Multi Pattern Laser Projectors are here now, with more to come

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4 & 12 pattern stage laser (1)For the first time lasers are projecting patterns instead of only dots of light or lines produced by sophisticated scanners. Here are some examples of the affordable “Multi Pattern Variable Speed Red/Green Laser Projectors” we now have in stock! Choose either the Multi Pattern Red/Green Laser Projector 4 Pattern or the Multi Pattern Red/Green Laser Projector 12 Pattern.

They even have a sound responsive setting so they will react to music. Soon we will have similar models available in outdoor projectors with remote controls. The realm of laser projectors is expanding exponentially with more sophisticated moving beam designs in multiple colors and patterns. Green will always be the most visible color by far but when projected onto light colored surfaces the red or blue can be effective too.

4 & 12 pattern stage laser (7)
Here are just a few of the patterns from the 4 pattern and 12 pattern red/green models we have in stock currently. The projectors speed can be adjusted to stop on any pattern and remain there as a fixed artwork design until adjusted.

4 & 12 pattern stage laser (13)

Imagine projecting this patterns across enormous wall spaces in large venues or as an accent to your living room or bedroom. At close range the colors are more intense and patterns more condensed but they can be projected at 20 to 50 feet or more to make the patterns grow immensely. As always, the effects are more visible when projected on white walls and ceilings in a dark environment.

4 & 12 pattern stage laser (3)

If you add a fog machine the laser beams will become three dimensional rays of light in mid air. During warm dry summer conditions these projectors can be used outdoors too.

4 & 12 pattern stage laser (8)


Eliminate extension cords! NEW LOW VOLTAGE waterproof cable for BlissLights Sprights and all 12 volt ac landscape lights!

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Add MULTIPLE PROJECTORS to a single 120 watt light sensing transformer and ELIMINATE 120 volt AC EXTENSION CORDS running across your lawns and gardens. From left to right we show a BlissLights 16 color Garden Accent LED Light with remote control, Blue 4.0 Sparkle Magic Illuminator, light sensing transformer/timer, BlissLights Spright Green MOVE, Custom X Red-Green pattern laser with remote control and Red-Green-Blue Custom J moving big beam laser.,

full array
Or upgrade your BlissLights Spright laser display now with 6.4 foot, 16.4 foot and 32.8 foot waterproof, lightweight, low voltage cables and adaptors!  All the necessary components are now listed on our web site.

3 to 1 splitter w-wire     5 to 1 & 3 to 1 splitters waterproof wire low voltage extension cables low voltage transformer light sensing
This light sensing large capacity transformer can power many laser and LED projectors from a single source using the low voltage wiring system outlined here.

Here is an example of how a yard can be mapped out for a multiple light display.
landscape_laser_layout_options map

Check out NEW website look!

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After 8 years with the same old look and feel, web site has been redesigned with a new logo and software format. The appearance may have changed with the same dazzling products inside as well as many more new products. As always, we continue to bring you the most soothing and exciting high quality lighting effects and customer service for your home, landscape, holidays, parties and events.

old lasers web site home page screen shot 2

Here is our new logo

Our new web site has a much more simplified and user friendly appearance!  Products are neatly sorted into categories.  Find your favorites under each product heading or behind the traditional search box at the top right of the screen.

When you want to find a category of products simply hover over the heading that relates and the drop down menu guides you to the category and product you are looking for.

There is also a new filtering menu on the left side of the screen that allows you to filter the products by manufacturer, color, price, and moving beams.

filter menu

Stop by and see our new LOOK!  The clean modern and responsive design will make shopping from your cell phone, tablet and computer even easier!

25% OFF BlissLights Spright Move!

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Get BlissLights Spright Move, green or blue with moving beams for 25% OFF.

Be ready for the upcoming Holiday outdoor lighting decorating season with this fabulous discount!

No quantity restriction.  Valid until August 31, 2015.

Redeem code: 25%SprightMOVE


BUY ONE Spright at $99, GET 2nd ONE HALF OFF! BlissLights Spright Green, Red or Blue sale!

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BOGO half off spright sale2

BlissLights Reconditioned Spright in Green, Red or Blue!

Wedding reception comes alive with BlissLights lasers

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IMG_1635This wedding reception was completely transformed by placing a Bliss 15 Laser Starfield Projector with the blue LED cloudfield aimed towards the DJ and a few other stationary green and red projectors.

a couple of lasers on a shelf

By turning out the lights down only partially you can see how much more festive the environment becomes with thousands of laser beams and the blue cloudfield against the back wall.

before lasers

This photo shows you how ordinary this room looked before the laser projectors were turned on. At events around the world our Laser Projectors are transforming homes, nightclubs, school gymnasiums and warehouses into magical wonderlands with the flip of a switch. Find a wide variety of lighting effects on our web site at



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