Clearance priced for new model to arrive in Fall!

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Here is another great deal from

Sparkle Magic Illuminators for $109.00, MSRP $169.00. 

3 illuminators











Reduced to make room for the new model coming out in the fall. 

Illuminators come with flexible stem, 5″ ground stake, metal base, and power adaptor.

Accesories included






Sparkle Magic Laser Illuminators are the perfect way to easily decorate your indoor or outdoor spaces. 

Create ambience for entertaining guests, enhancing pool parties, liven up BBQ’s or just relax. 

Enjoy your own dazzling display year round!


Lyme disease symptoms soothed by BlissLights laser projector for light therapy

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best darkHere is the amazing testimonial from a woman suffering from Lyme disease who sought healing from Kambo, which is “Amazonian Frog Venom”. During her treatment she was introduced her to our BlissLights Bliss 15 Laser Starfield Projector which gave her tremendous relief leading to restful sleep like she had not experienced in 10 years. The soothing properties of the BlissLights projectors have given relief to many suffering from difficult life experiences and some more are found by clicking here – healing testimonials 

“For the past ten years I’ve had Lyme disease which brought terrible seizures and pain. I was on a lot of meds but found some relief in certain colors. I set up a bunch of black lights around my room and used them during seizures, pain, and just feeling a bit better.

This brings me to finding your company, Lasers and I have looked at many machines but none were strong enough. Then a good friend of mine hired healer to help me with their treatments for the Lyme disease. She, by chance, brought your light machine and when she saw my arrangement of black lights I use to sleep with, she brought in your machine (Bliss 15).

It has been three weeks of using your light machine every night. I am off all meds and have used your machine the whole time.

I can’t imagine ever not sleeping with it again as not a single seizure has reared its ugly head, not to mention that the blue shades and green mesmerizing dots and shapes keep me concentrating during times of pain and/or seizures. (Although I haven’t had a seizure since using your machine) I have many FB lymies, in fact thousands,that I talk to and plan to inform them of your light machine.

I thought you should know how truly amazing your machine is, and its effects may be more helpful, certainly gratifying then you realized.

It has been the best thing that has ever happened for my seizures and pain in 10 years and I thank you for creating such a machine.”

Submitted by C.B in Northern California June 18th, 2015

4th of July BUNDLE!

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4th of july bundle








Great deal, 2 Sprights and 1 Garden Accent light create the look!


Make your summer brighter by bringing the magic of theme parks home with this incredible BlissLights 4th of July Bundle! With this set, you’ll be able to make countless displays this summer whether they are indoors or outdoors. Use them to create unforgettable patriotic themed events, luaus, garden parties, weddings, graduations and more. Let the signature experience of the BlissLights Spright shine down on your flowers, bushes, or aim the thousands of pin-points of light on your trees, gazeboo, or any surface in need of some magic. Bring the feeling of a “starry-night” inside to spice up your decoration and provide your guests with a lighting experience like no other!


Light is your playground and you’ll only be limited by your imagination. You’ll turn heads and WOW guests with the most unique lighting experience available without breaking the bank—you’ll save more than $200 dollars when you purchase this bundle.

DIY Summer-June 2015!

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DIY logo








Transform your BBQ, camping trip, or any gathering with an inexpensive laser or LED light.  Create a simple backdrop in minutes.  Just plug and play!

Great Father’s Day gift ideas!  Independence day laser lighting idea’s and much more!

Check out our June Newsletter!

Laser Stars Twilight demonstration video review by McPhoney

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This Laser Stars Twilight is just one of the many Laser Starfield Projectors that we offer at . This plastic “toy” version is not serviceable and has only 45 day warranty although they often last for many years. The more powerful metal case units Bliss 15 and 50 series from BlissLights made in the USA have a 1 year warranty and can be serviced at any point in the future. The Bliss series projectors are silent in operation, they only use about 25 watts and will run for unlimited periods of time without the 4 hour cut off period and laser and LED diodes have an expected 7,000 hours of run time. We have them for outdoor use to light up homes for Christmas decorations and landscape decorations, as well as for creating this starry night sky effect in homes, nightclubs, school gymnasiums and much more. If you are buying yours during the fall/winter holiday times be sure to order early as most sources are sold out frequently as the outdoor versions are tremendously popular. These lasers actually are not a threat to eyes even though standard warnings are required. We have sold thousands to DJs, event producers, landscapers, businesses and homeowners since my friend invented them in 2007 and we brought them to market.

BlissLights Bliss 15 lighting effects used in Polish Ambassador Music Video

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Check out the BlissLights Bliss 15 Laser Starfield Projector lighting effects on this series of dancers in the DJ ” The Polish Ambassador’s” new music video.

The DJ Polish Ambassador is hard at work on his Permaculture Action Tour projects as he shares his music at concerts across the USA and abroad as well as promoting permaculture projects along the way.

Lasers and is proud to support projects like this within the Transformational Festival community like The Bloom Series, Re-Inhabiting the Village, Project Nuevo Mundo and the Tribal Convergence Network as well as many more annual festivals.

Festival Lighting Effects Supplies of Energy Efficient LED and Laser Lights

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Festival season is here so it is time to stock up on lighting effects for Burning Man and all your other favorite festivals.


Here is a special discounted pricing while they last on these light up faux fur hoods for this limited edition PURPLE & WHITE SPIKED HOOD W/RED-GREEN-BLUE ON REMOTE CONTROL


Check this large selection of BATTERY POWERED LASERS AND LED LIGHTS


Find a wide array of HANDHELD LASERS

Find more powerful projectors for lighting up
your theme camp and art cars


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