Creating Holiday & Landscape Laser & LED Lighting Displays

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Learn all about the latest in Laser and LED projectors for decorating your home with a dazzling display in minutes. Click here to find everything you need to know. is the original BlissLights dealer who first offered these newly patented projectors to the world in 2007.

This guide will help you plan your exciting lighting display. We will help you consider what the effects will look like, where you want to illuminate, where you will be enjoying it from and how to keep it operating automatically or modify it with remote control.

Here are some examples of outdoor displays using our projectors. 

Holiday Festivals of Lights

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cincinnati-zoo-festival-of-lights-pncFestivals of Lights are popular holiday events all over the United States and the world. We are glad to be contributing our lighting effects to these events and thousands of customers decorating their homes and parties. Our laser projectors can quickly cover an entire home, landscape or event with thousands of laser beams instead of the intensive task of the past stringing lights from ladders for hours.
Even the Cincinnati Zoo has many of our laser projectors installed in their annual Festival of Lights events.
maxresdefaultSacramento Theater of Lights goes on all through December 23rd with 2 theatrical performances daily in historic Old Town Sacramento.

In Auburn, California, near our offices this Annual Festival of Lights Parade makes for an enormous celebration for the whole community. Lasers and Lights has contributed lighting effects to floats in this parade in the past. Here are some examples of our customer’s homes decorated with our lighting effects. 

Here are some more photos from these and other Festivals of the Lights to brighten up the holidays. denver-colorado-parade-of-lightsDENVER, COLORADO

Mystify Laser Light Show

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Our new MYSTIFY Laser Light Show creates a constantly changing veil of light is cast up any surface. This effect looks remarkably like the aurora borealis lights of the north.

green-lumia-laser-custom-j-wave-12This exciting pattern ranges from 5 feet to 50 feet long, depending on the distance from the projector to the surface, as it moves around with an ever changing mystical form. This image is equally entertaining in a small bedroom as in a large dance hall.


By adding a WAVE adaptor  the pattern shown above becomes twice as complex and moves twice as fast. Like all projectors the image is brightest and travels further in dark settings projecting on light colored surfaces.
You will find this and many other exciting and soothing lighting effects on our web site at

Flying Cloud LED Light Projectors

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Make your ceiling disappear into clouds with the flip of a switch!
The Flying Cloud LED Light Projectors transform any room with soothing magical ambiance.
4 colors of these slowly moving windblown cloud projectors are now available including Ice Blue, Blue, Red & Pink.





16 Color LED Landscape light with remote control

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This 16 Color LED Landscape Light is an energy efficient lighting accent that can light up your life inside or outside! It can be added to your existing landscape lighting or run in series with other lighting effects from a lighting sensing transformer using UN-NOTCHED low voltage wire for an attractive, safe and efficient lighting array. The remote control offers 16 colors or a variety of flashing, strobing, fading features that you will choose to suit your preferences. The projector will remember the light color or function that it was last set to everytime it goes on.  The lens diffuser can also be removed to make for more of a spotlight and the rounded lens can be turned over for a larger spotlight circle of light. 16-color-led-remote-controlThe projector will remember the light color or function that it was last set to everytime it goes on.


The variety of vibrant colors each brings out a mood of its own.

Outside Inn Motel laser lighting effects like fireflies in the forest

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The Outside Inn of Nevada City has had landscape laser projectors shining on the forest next to their offices on East Broad Street for many years and now has added multiple projectors including the BlissLights “MOTION” moving beam version with variable speed remote control, along with a Green, Red & Blue Big Beam projector and others. Your home or business can be transformed this way in a few minutes.

best-outside-inn-2016-big-beamThe Outside Inn garden patio by the office turns into a fairy land after dark every night as the garden lasers light up from
Outside Inn motel Here is the Outside Inn by day.

BlissLights Warranty policy change – BEWARE! Only purchase from authorized dealers!

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BlissLights one year warranty coverage will not be honored on units purchased from any sources other than authorized dealers, like Lasers and Lights, the Original BlissLights Dealer!

logo-bliss-lightsEffective August 1st, 2016:

All BlissLights products purchased from any person or entity other than BlissLights or an Authorized BlissLights distributor or retailer will no longer be covered by warranty. 

For more information, you can read their full warranty policy by going to

Also, recognize that there may be other lasers trying to copy these designs but that most have no warranty coverage or ability to repair them in the USA. Buyer beware!

Make sure you are dealing with a quality product backed by a well established and capable dealer.