25% OFF BlissLights Spright Move!

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Get BlissLights Spright Move, green or blue with moving beams for 25% OFF.

Be ready for the upcoming Holiday outdoor lighting decorating season with this fabulous discount!

No quantity restriction.  Valid until August 31, 2015.

Redeem code: 25%SprightMOVE


BUY ONE Spright at $99, GET 2nd ONE HALF OFF! BlissLights Spright Green, Red or Blue sale!

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BOGO half off spright sale2

BlissLights Reconditioned Spright in Green, Red or Blue!

Wedding reception comes alive with BlissLights lasers

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IMG_1635This wedding reception was completely transformed by placing a Bliss 15 Laser Starfield Projector with the blue LED cloudfield aimed towards the DJ and a few other stationary green and red projectors.

a couple of lasers on a shelf

By turning out the lights down only partially you can see how much more festive the environment becomes with thousands of laser beams and the blue cloudfield against the back wall.

before lasers

This photo shows you how ordinary this room looked before the laser projectors were turned on. At events around the world our Laser Projectors are transforming homes, nightclubs, school gymnasiums and warehouses into magical wonderlands with the flip of a switch. Find a wide variety of lighting effects on our web site at http://www.LasersandLights.com


ReInhabiting the Village book & website with Alia’s Feminine Medicine Project launch party

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jamaica & Julian RIV book launch party 7-2015

Here are creator Jamaica Stevens & producer Julian Reyes at the ReInhabiting the Village book & website and Alia’s Feminine Medicine Project launch party in the San Francisco bay area July 2015.

book cover RIV2-500x617

The ReInhabiting the Village ReInhabiting the Village Web Site & ReInhabiting the Village Book are designed to facilitate sharing of information and resources with a focus on urban and rural community Village projects to co-create solutions that benefit everyone.

“ReInhabiting the Village: CoCreating our Future” is a graphically rich, full color, soft cover book showcasing the work of 12 Visionary Artists and over 60 Contributing Authors featuring “Voices from the Village” sharing their experience, best practices, strategies and resources to empower communities through practical wisdom and inspiring perspectives.

Alia's Feminine Medicine project
At this launch party we supplied a BlissLights Bliss 15 projector to shower the ceiling in a holographic moving laser starfield and shared in this celebration as Sponsors of the ReInhabiting the Village project.
Lasers and Lights has also donated our lighting effects at Jamaica Steven’s Awaken – Tribal Convergence Network and the 2014 Tribal Alliance Gathering .

Thanks to Harmonic Light Studios for giving us these Harmonic Light photos from RIV launch party to commemorate this fantastic celebration of collaborators and like minded angels to launch the ReInhabiting the Village book and website along with Alia’s Feminine Medicine Project.

We are glad share in this celebration as Sponsors of the ReInhabiting the Village project at www.LasersandLights.com

Clearance priced for new model to arrive in Fall!

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Here is another great deal from LasersandLights.com

Sparkle Magic Illuminators for $109.00, MSRP $169.00. 

3 illuminators











Reduced to make room for the new model coming out in the fall. 

Illuminators come with flexible stem, 5″ ground stake, metal base, and power adaptor.

Accesories included






Sparkle Magic Laser Illuminators are the perfect way to easily decorate your indoor or outdoor spaces. 

Create ambience for entertaining guests, enhancing pool parties, liven up BBQ’s or just relax. 

Enjoy your own dazzling display year round!


Lyme disease symptoms soothed by BlissLights laser projector for light therapy

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best darkHere is the amazing testimonial from a woman suffering from Lyme disease who sought healing from Kambo, which is “Amazonian Frog Venom”. During her treatment she was introduced her to our BlissLights Bliss 15 Laser Starfield Projector which gave her tremendous relief leading to restful sleep like she had not experienced in 10 years. The soothing properties of the BlissLights projectors have given relief to many suffering from difficult life experiences and some more are found by clicking here – healing testimonials 

“For the past ten years I’ve had Lyme disease which brought terrible seizures and pain. I was on a lot of meds but found some relief in certain colors. I set up a bunch of black lights around my room and used them during seizures, pain, and just feeling a bit better.

This brings me to finding your company, Lasers and Lights.com. I have looked at many machines but none were strong enough. Then a good friend of mine hired healer to help me with their treatments for the Lyme disease. She, by chance, brought your light machine and when she saw my arrangement of black lights I use to sleep with, she brought in your machine (Bliss 15).

It has been three weeks of using your light machine every night. I am off all meds and have used your machine the whole time.

I can’t imagine ever not sleeping with it again as not a single seizure has reared its ugly head, not to mention that the blue shades and green mesmerizing dots and shapes keep me concentrating during times of pain and/or seizures. (Although I haven’t had a seizure since using your machine) I have many FB lymies, in fact thousands,that I talk to and plan to inform them of your light machine.

I thought you should know how truly amazing your machine is, and its effects may be more helpful, certainly gratifying then you realized.

It has been the best thing that has ever happened for my seizures and pain in 10 years and I thank you for creating such a machine.”

Submitted by C.B in Northern California June 18th, 2015

4th of July BUNDLE!

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4th of july bundle








Great deal, 2 Sprights and 1 Garden Accent light create the look!


Make your summer brighter by bringing the magic of theme parks home with this incredible BlissLights 4th of July Bundle! With this set, you’ll be able to make countless displays this summer whether they are indoors or outdoors. Use them to create unforgettable patriotic themed events, luaus, garden parties, weddings, graduations and more. Let the signature experience of the BlissLights Spright shine down on your flowers, bushes, or aim the thousands of pin-points of light on your trees, gazeboo, or any surface in need of some magic. Bring the feeling of a “starry-night” inside to spice up your decoration and provide your guests with a lighting experience like no other!


Light is your playground and you’ll only be limited by your imagination. You’ll turn heads and WOW guests with the most unique lighting experience available without breaking the bank—you’ll save more than $200 dollars when you purchase this bundle.


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