Outdoor living areas light them up with Sprights!

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Do you have an outdoor living space to light up? 

The BlissLights Spright in red, green or blue are a great way to provide complimentary lighting effect to any area outdoors!

outdoor fire pit

outdoor loungeoutdoor kitchenGreenSprightLite

Universal low voltage landscape laser projectors can be installed along a pathway, in planters or mounted using the versatile flange or clip

Do you have a pool, water feature, pond or hot tub that needs a splash of light on it?

BlissLights Spright are a perfect all weather outdoor solution but do not submerse.





Planning your BlissLights laser displays for indoors and outdoors

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Here are some BASIC planning guidelines for planning BlissLights Laser Starfield Projector’s lighting effects: 

  1. Background lighting? White lighting will over-power special effects. Porch lights, street lights, landscape lighting, white mini lights or rope light! 
  1. White surfaces are best, like a motion picture needs a “silver screen”. A white house will show up much better than dark leaves. Black surfaces are worst! 
  1. Position lasers 20’ to 40’ from surface to be illuminated, for maximum saturation and 20’ to 40’ apart along a frontage of a house. 
  1. Red & Blue will never show up as well as green. Positioning blue and red aiming at white surfaces and closer will help create more impact.

Here are some photos of successful BlissLights Laser lighting displays:



All Brides want to see stars at their wedding – bring the Laser Starfield Projector to supply the starry night sky

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~huffington wedding stars

We are convinced that All Brides want to see stars at their wedding. So we suggest that you bring the BlissLights Laser Starfield Projectors to supply the starry night sky at the flick of a switch.
Click here to see more photos of indoor and outdoor lighting displays using these projectors.


Here a bride and groom dance under the stars of a BlissLights Bliss 50 Laser projector.
Click here to see an article on Huffington Post showing 25 wedding photos. 

Bliss 15 Laser Starfield Projector

Bliss 15 Laser Starfield Projector

How about this for a magical tropical marriage setting on the beach in at Ylang, Ylang Beach Resort in Montezuma, Costa Rica illuminated by our laser starfields?

What could be more romantic than that first dance under the stars?

Transform party environments with Ambient Architects – Circus Tent – Gypsy Village?

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11-14 foundry katie

Have you ever tried to take a warehouse or gymnasium and turn it into a party space with a theme from another place and time?
Can you imagine seeing a warehouse, meadow or ballroom transformed into the look and feel of a circus tent or a gypsy village within a few hours?

Let AMBIENT ARCHITECTS work their magic for your next event and have your participants talking about the experience for the rest of their lives! With the combination of their transformational decorations and the lighting effects of Lasers and Lights.com your event will be a trip to another world at a price you can afford.


Indoors or Outdoors AMBIENT ARCHITECTS can work their transformational magic with the fabrics and decorative hangings to match your event themes.


In a few hours Kelsey Faery and her team can place the fabrics that add the character, color and charm to your event to give it the magical feel that beings out the playful spirit in your participants.

kyer lasers 5
By adding light projectors from Lasers and Lights.com further transformative effects can bring your event to otherworldly proportions whether it is a formal ballet creating a starry night sky across the auditorium or a transcendental dance party, we have many tools to simply and quickly create the effects you are looking for.

bliss-50-fills-the-hallSee what you can do with our BlissLights Laser Starfield Projectors to turn the ceiling into a starry night sky.

Starfield_9193web aaron acdcimagingResized

Immerse your participants in three dimensional laser forests by simply adding some fog along with our Laser Starfield Projectors.

UPS shipping schedules for Christmas orders from Lasers and Lights.com 2014

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UPS Service Mapping cropped

Here are the UPS shipping requirements to get Delivery of your orders from Lasers and Lights.com by Christmas eve, December 24th, 2014.

As Christmas approaches, choosing the right UPS® service is critical to ensuring that your orders arrive on time.

• UPS Ground: Thursday, December 18* if ups delivery map shows timing agrees and you are willing to accept no guaranteed delivery date, ground shipping may arrive on time.

• UPS 3 Day Select®: Friday, December 19
• UPS 2nd Day Air®: Monday, December 22**
– Tuesday, December 23 & 24 until noon** Local Pick up from Nevada City, California office only

No UPS pick up or delivery on December 25th

Solar Powered Laser Starfield Projectors for isolated locations away from power

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laser solar panels (2) resized 2

Imagine laser beams covering your landscape like firefly’s in the forest in locations far away from electricity! We are now offering Solar Powered Laser Starfield Projectors for isolated locations away from power.  These small or larger solar panels come complete with a built in battery and light sensor to turn on the 12 volt DC power to any low power light that takes this voltage.

upper canada lasers photo resizedCover your landscape with beautiful lighting effects any where you desire, with our new solar panels with batteries built in.  Our projectors can run for many hours nightly.

Laser Stars Twilight history and videos

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The “Laser Stars” projector was first created using the BlissLights patented laser starfield design in 2006 under contract from BlissLights which had just started up at that time. This single plastic “toy” version of the BlissLights projectors sold over 100,000 units in the first couple of years and sales have continued to skyrocket since that time on this very affordable version of this exciting lighting effect. There is now a new design in production called the “Laser Stars Twilight” which is nearly identical to the original but has a control for the lasers and an adjustment for the Blue “LED Nebula Cloudfield” and an automatic shut off after 4 hours.

Here are some videos of this special lighting effect that continues to gain popularity around the world.

This has got to be one of the most humorous videos promoting the benefits of this lighting effect (at hiding clutter).


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