BlissLights Warranty policy change – BEWARE! Only purchase from authorized dealers!

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BlissLights one year warranty coverage will not be honored on units purchased from any sources other than authorized dealers, like Lasers and Lights, the Original BlissLights Dealer!

logo-bliss-lightsEffective August 1st, 2016:

All BlissLights products purchased from any person or entity other than BlissLights or an Authorized BlissLights distributor or retailer will no longer be covered by warranty. 

For more information, you can read their full warranty policy by going to

Also, recognize that there may be other lasers trying to copy these designs but that most have no warranty coverage or ability to repair them in the USA. Buyer beware!

Make sure you are dealing with a quality product backed by a well established and capable dealer. 

Laser WAVE adaptor turns your laser beam “DOTS” into exotic WAVE patterns

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Add our new WAVE adaptor to turn your Green laser beam “DOTS” into WAVES of layered light!
BUY this today for $29 by clicking here.

This small lens attaches to the outside of any green laser projector in seconds with self adhesive velcro dots.

 One WAVE adaptor is beautiful and two can be even more amazing!

Big Beams make for even more powerful big lumia laser WAVES!

Order your new Laser WAVE Adaptor for any green laser projector and turn your “DOTs” into WAVES now!

Firefly Lasers at California WorldFest 2016 by Lasers and Lights

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There will be firefly like laser beams flying through the forest this year at the California WorldFest after dark this year.
Lasers and Lights is supplying BlissLights “MOTION” moving beam laser projectors to add their magical lighting effects to the forest and surroundings, for the first time!
Every year the WorldFest has 4 days of music on multiple stages with world class musicians like Nahko & Medicine for the People, SambaDa and Boz Scaggs. Camping is available on site and the surrounding Nevada City, Grass Valley community is filled with a tourist’s paradise of hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, as well as serene rivers and lakes.
green 5
These laser starfield projectors send an array of thousands of tiny laser beams in 160 degrees for hundreds of feet giving the appearance of fireflies in the trees.
Awaken2013RainingLazersGreenWeb (1)

These magical lighting effects have become popular at festivals around the world.

Prince memorial laser display with KVMR in Nevada City, CA

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In memory of the world famous musician and performer Prince, Lasers and Lights collaborated with local community radio station KVMR to create this purple themed laser and LED display outside the KVMR offices in Nevada City, CA. We join fans across the globe who mourn this great performer’s passing and celebrate his trend setting creativity that has inspired so many.

SF city hall purple for PRINCE
San Francisco paid respect to the unparalleled icon by turning the exterior lights of City Hall appropriately purple. As expected, folks gathered at Civic Center Plaza to pay tribute by blaring choice Prince tunes, and dancing together throughout the night.

Prince Memorial LaserandLights' display w-KVMR

Purple themed laser display for PRINCE
Here is a dose of PURPLE RAIN for Nevada City locals to share as we celebrate the works and inspiration of Prince after his passing.

Here is PRINCE’s phenomenal performance at his induction into the ROCK & ROLL Hall of Fame in 2004 with Tom Petty, Steve Winwood, Jeff Lynne and others playing “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”. He finishes his epic guitar solo and then throws his guitar into the audience and walks off stage. The rest is history!

and on and on………



We have shared the earth with a master performer speaking to our hearts direct from his heart………. to inspire us all to do the same!

16 Color LED projectors light up Old Town Sacramento

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Check out the 16 Color LED projectors at night as they light up Old Town Sacramento on the famous Evangeline’s Costume Mansion and the What Cheer House on K Street. These low cost high efficiency projectors use remote controls to adjust fixed colors or changing patterns. Imagine how you can decorate your landscape and home for holiday lighting! By putting your display on a light sensing timer it will turn on at dusk for the period of time you set it for.

These and many more special effects lighting options are waiting on our web site at
Here is a video tour of a fully decorated yard using a variety of our lasers and LED lighting effects.

20160128_201139 resized LED color Sacramento
These lights are a hint of the extraordinary lighting effects of the annual “Theater of Lights” celebration that fills the streets with visitors to celebrate the holidays before Christmas.

Lasers in the Rain like sparkling Jewels of Light

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Here you can see raindrops crossing laser beams and sparkling for a moment. This is actually far more dramatic in person since the camera cannot capture as much of the light as the eye does.

Here you can see the way the beam patterns change as water drops hit or move across the lens of the green and blue laser projectors.

Whenever you change the angle of moving laser beams to a surface they are shining on the speed of their movement across the surface changes. When the projector is aimed at 90 degrees to the surface, like a movie projector onto a screen at the movie theater, the beams are at the slowest rate, which also appears faster as the projector is moved further from the screen. When the angle of the screen to the beams is changed the beams get faster and faster, as the video above demonstrates as the beams cross from the overhanging eave to the wall and back again. Watch how they speed up on the overhang versus the wall and take advantage of this in your projector placement.

You can have amazing light shows like these outside your window when you place a laser projector towards your home in the rain or fog.
Find a wide variety of laser projectors like these on our web site at
The BlissLights Spright series is the original and highest quality laser projector of this kind and Lasers and Lights was the first company to ever represent this line of lasers to the world in 2007. We supply an array of projectors, mounting equipment and low voltage wiring to make for dazzling, simple and safe displays at your home and events.

Here are some still photos that capture aspects of this study of laser beams effects in rain.





IMG_2669 cropped lasers in raindrops



Laser contrast demonstration showing benefits of projecting onto white surfaces versus dark colors

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Watch this video to see the dramatic contrast in brightness in laser beams and all lighting depending the darkness of the surface or “screen” being projected on to. Here is a brief demonstration of the variation in brightness of a green laser beam from a BlissLights Bliss 50 as it passes from a white wall to a dark brown door. You can find these Laser and LED projectors for inside and outside displays on our web site at

Consider this dramatic difference when planning lighting displays and favor white or light surfaces. For even more dramatic bright lighting add a fine water haze or layers of thin white veil fabrics to bring out the 3D effects inherent in these holographic projections.

You will find this and many other transformative projectors a our web site for homes, parties, dance events, festivals, meditation studios, gardens, weddings and more.