CREATE the STARRY NIGHT SKY laser lighting effect quickly and easily!

CREATE the STARRY NIGHT SKY lighting effect quickly and easily!
Here is another option to create the BlissLights starry night sky lighting effect with a couple of projectors.

Combine the Moving Blue Cloud projectors with adjustable intensity  with the BlissLights Green MOTION laser projector to make the moving Starry Night Sky Effect that is identical to the BlissLights Bliss 15 laser when running at its slowest speed. This gives you the Bliss 15 experience at a lower price and have more flexibility.

The BlissLights MOTION has silent operation, the one year warranty and long term serviceability. It can be used indoors and outdoors with the flat base, stake or optional clip and adjustable speeds with a remote control and built in timer.

Each of these projectors are designed for super long lasting operation with lights that consume about 1/10th the power of an incandescent light. This combination costs about $250 and gives you the Bliss 15 effect at about half the cost and lots of flexibility for variations of indoor or outdoor experiences. Like everything in this fast-moving industry, they will not be around forever. Get them while you can if you are interested.

For another low cost option you can also add is this inexpensive Blue LED Moving Water projector for a little more vigorous movement to augment any scene indoors or outdoors.

Here is a VIDEO of the Blue LED Moving Water projector combined with the BlissLights Green Spright MOTION at a nightclub in San Francisco.

Turn to Lasers and Lights for lighting effects to transform any environment!



~ by on April 25, 2017.

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