Snowflake projectors are here! Finally a white light projector to shower your home in beams

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Snowflake projectors are here!
Finally a white light projector to shower your home in beams.

snow flurries
Watch snowflakes of light drift down across your home and landscape.
snow flurries position

Simply place the projector in front of your house and and watch the light/snow flakes start to fall.

NEW Multi-Color Red, Green and Blue Big Beam landscape laser projectors are now in stock!

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big beam sample 30)Imagine a single projector that has Red, Green and Blue laser beams!
Imagine laser beams that are so strong that you can see the complete shaft of colored light projecting into the sky!
Notice how the photo above shows fewer but much brighter beams than the photo below!
These brighter beams will often penetrate through layers of tree branches illuminating deep into the forest.
This is the new “BIG BEAM” laser projector that we now have in limited stock for the first time ever!
Click here to watch a video of this new BIG BEAM laser projector in action. 
These beams are so bright that you can usually see the shafts of light in mid air and the colors are vivid compared to the normal pale red and blue laser beams on most projectors.
new RGB not big beam 30%
he first photo is the BIG BEAM version and the second video is the standard beam with thousands of beams. Both are available for purchase while stock lasts by clicking here. 
Here is our first ever Red-Green-Blue laser projector with all three colors in a single projector.
Here I have aimed them at a white wall at short range to show you how many beams there are and how bright the colors are.
Imagine how your Christmas decorations will look with thousands of these multi colored laser beams showering your home and landscape!
Many customers leave their lights up all year long since they add so much to the beauty of the yard and use on 10 watts of electricity!

RGB on tree 30%
Here is a photo of the Red-Green-Blue BIG BEAM laser projector shining on a tree.
It is very hard to photograph but this does give you visible beams on a photo where the standard projectors would not show up in this setting without very sophisticated professional photography.

Party Lighting can cost only a few dollars! Use new LED multi colored lighting effects to transform your next party!

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See how these new low cost LED moving multi colored lights can transform any room in seconds!

LED crystal ball colored. 2jpg

Watch your home become a night club in seconds by plugging in a low cost LED rainbow colored lighting projector.

amazon led bulb

LED crystal ball colored

Fog Machines bring lasers into Three Dimensional display indoors and outdoors

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See how adding a fog machine can make a three dimensional forest of laser beams indoors or outdoors!

best splatter lasers fog (1)
Transform your home, party or event with a single laser starfield projector and add some fog to turn it into another world!

haze in house resized
Click here to see a marvelous array of lasers brought to life with a single high powered haze machine at the Lucidity Festival!


Our Spright Laser Starfield Projectors were mounted overhead to send thousands of beams onto the roadway in the midst of this festival.
By adding a fog machine the beams came to life and folks were playing in the laser forest for hours and many exclaimed that it was their favorite experience at the event!


jonathan-lucidity starfield

Multi colored Laser Projectors are here now! Try Red & Green outdoor and indoor laser starfield projectors for dazzling Holiday displays.

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Try our new Red & Green outdoor and indoor laser starfield projectors for dazzling Holiday displays.

magine your home and yard covered with thousands of these firefly like laser beams in red & green for your Christmas display this year!

With a single projector, which uses less than 10 watts of power, you can set up an amazing display in a matter of minutes!
No more climbing on ladders, replacing faulty strings of lights and high electricity bills just to share your holiday spirit with your neighborhood!

sunny tan red green laser $26 @ at 3000

School presentation on Lasers and Lights for Grass Valley Elementary classrooms

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Look at how these two local elementary school classrooms were educated and entertained by our presentation of BlissLights Laser Starfield Projectors for a special school assembly!

charter school presentation 2-12-14 (1)

Look at how these two elementary school classrooms were educated and entertained by our presentation of BlissLights Laser Starfield Projectors for a special school assembly!
We encourage our customers to add fog machines to create this additional 3D effect for their indoor and outdoor displays, parties and other events.
Click here to see how one customer added a fog machine to their Halloween display to amaze the Trick or Treaters as they approached their door with a Spright Laser Starfield  Projector.

charter school presentation 2-12-14 (2)

The children were delighted to play in the three dimensional lighting effects as we added some fog to the room to create the 3D effects.
Imagine what your next party will be like when you introduce your guests to this magical experience .

charter school presentation 2-12-14 (3)

Add fog to your Spright Laser decorations for Halloween add a 3D magical lighting effects

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Halloween magic from adding a fog machine to the BlissLights’ Green Spright Laser projector

Brooke Bingamin halloween spright w-fog 10-13

Adding a little fog turns the laser display into a three dimensional spray of rays of light!
A BlissLights Spright customer of ours in Sacramento, California added fog to her front walkway for trick or treaters to walk thru spider webs and fog saturated with laser beams, for the added 3D lighting effects.
Our customer tells us “It was so fun listening to the kids approach my door. One girl squealed “Daddy…This is my favorite house!””
She also assures us “I’ll be using them again this Halloween!”

Brooke Bingamin halloween spright 10-13

 For those of you with Spright projectors who are exploring ways to maximize your special effects remember to use white surfaces as much as possible so that the laser beams show up as brightly as possible. The Halloween “spider” web material is great because it is so thin that laser beams penetrate and pass thru it illuminating through its depth and onto surfaces beyond it. Christmas snow, fur, fabrics, gauze, shade covers, tents and curtains can all be used this way too.
For indoor displays like a Haunted House you can use a small amount of fog to created the perfect spooky environment with laser beams penetrating the fog.
Here is a huge display we created that had hundreds of people played in the “forest” of laser beams into the night!


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