Customers abandon Christmas lights for BlissLights lasers – Last call for 2015 holiday lighting by EXPRESS shipping

laser diffraction grating explained

It is time for the last call on orders to arrive by Christmas Eve for presents or decorations for 2015!  Choose EXPRESS SHIPMENT FOR DELIVERY BY CHRISTMAS EVE

CHRISTMAS LIGHTS ON the outside of your house might look awesome, but they really aren’t that much fun to hang up. This year, we are using something different—lasers. Yes, you can now add Christmas lights to the outside of your house with lasers. The basic idea is to stick a small device in your yard that shoots lasers at your house to make some spots. These spots then look like little bitty lights. When Christmas time is over, just pick up the laser out of the yard. It’s not quite as bright as your traditional lights, but it’s so simple to set up.

Read this article to tell you the science behind this revolution.

Find our enormous array of lighting projectors online and order yours now.

~Dharma Yoga Miami in Bliss 15Don’t forget that INDOORS & OUTDOORS lighting options are available and very popular!

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