Bliss 15 and Bliss 50 Laser projectors create 3D Starry Night Sky in any room or white surface

The BlissLights Bliss 50 is the most complex yet simple to operate 3D Starfield Projector ever invented. It is the first and most sophisticated projector that inspired the patenting and production of the BlissLights products in 2006.

This Bliss 15 projector has become the most popular unit for DJs, Event Planners, Weddings, Dance parties, homeowners and many more. The Bl15 followed the Bliss 50 as a more economical alternative.

There is also a Bliss 15 model with Blue lasers and Blue Cloudfield which has become very popular but must be used with care to provide a dark setting and lighter colored surfaces to show up well.

The more sophisticated Bliss 50 Blue is also available by special order for those who want the ultimate Blue Laser experience.


~ by on November 6, 2015.

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