Laser Starfield Projectors magical lighting effects for photographing models

Laser Starfield Projectors create magical lighting effects for photographing models, theatrical stages, ambient lighting and so much more. Here you see the talented Sarah Bella Butterfly an accomplished ballerina, acrobat, model and stage performer at festivals. Photographer, Leo Deoni, took these photos in his studio where he choose to add our Laser Starfield Projectors to this photo session with Sarah.

sarah in laser wings

sarah in lasers w-illuminated wings

sarah bella butterfly w-leon photographer

See how Sarah appears to float in space over the Laser Starfield background!  Modeling and theatrical performances are transformed by a single BlissLights Laser Starfield Projector which we offer for rent or sale.

sarah w-Leon Deoni bliss 15

Sarah creates depth in shadowing of the laser beams as they give her a new skin.
The potential for artistic creativity with shadowing, white and transparent fabrics, fog machines and complimentary lighting is unlimited.

sarah in lasers

Watch your party guests become Avatar like aliens as the laser beams cover them with this other worldly appearance.
Halloween and costume parties are transformed by a single laser projector which we sell and rent.

Sarah cast in lasers

sarah in bl15 w-illuminated wingsYou can find these projectors and much more for home and events on our web site at 


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