Treetanic garden of sculptures, Nightland cabins & Jade Seahorse restaurant will be illuminated by Laser Starfield Projectors

Treetanic photos (127)
Let us introduce you to the Treetanic garden of sculptures, Nightland cabins and Jade Seahorse restaurant
on the island of Utila, Honduras. This is the creation of 30 years of creative handiwork of Neil Keller and many helpers. Only a visit in person will give you the full experience but here are a few photos to give you some insights into this miraculous creation that is still under construction. We will be supplying a Laser Starfield Projector to enhance his creation with our dazzling firefly like Laser Starfields, as a contribution to his creative genius and promotional collaboration to help him support this venture. Mr. Keller’s creations continue to be funded out of his pocket and passion for lack of adequate monetizing methods so we hope you are inspired to visit this magical location in person. Please visit this place, rent the cabins, eat at the restaurant, drink at the treehouse bar and go scuba diving on the 100 spectacular coral reef dive sites surrounding this little island. You will be glad you did!

You can find the Jade Seahorse facebook page here.

You can take this video tour through the grounds.

Here are some photos of this marvelous wonderland of artistic creations.

best lasers

Here you see the Spright Laser beams scattered among the landscape at the Treetanic gardens. Many most beams were visible but the camera only picks up the brightest beams.

tree 2

tree 8

tree 10

tree 11

tree 12

tree 16

tree playground   tree7



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