See the Starfield Galaxy at Lucidity Festival 2014 in celebration of the Universe Theme

If you are at Lucidity Festival tonight Sunday April 13th……!!

Enjoy a walk through the Starfield Galaxy laser installation on the main road in Lucidity. This is the largest installation of laser starfields ever done! You have to see it to believe it. Photos can never do these effects justice.

We added a hazer Saturday night around midnight to make all the beams 3D turning them into moving rods of light and realized we should run it all night Sunday!

Jonathan sunday email (1)

Here are photos of the laser STARFIELD GALAXY in the hazer, by co creator, Jonathan SmithJonathan sunday email (7)

Jonathan sunday email (10)
In the center of the roads, near Lover’s Nest turn off, the blue cloudfield and blue lasers adds to the lighting effects with the illuminated triangles marking the corners.

This entire display is from 12 overhead Spright Laser Starfield Projectors that homeowners are using across the nation for Christmas displays, parties, landscape decor, weddings and special events of all sorts. These simple “Plug and Play” projectors use less then 30 watts of power and cost around $20o each!

Brought to you by Lucidity Festival in celebration of the 2014 “Universe” theme this year and from

best bl15 resized

At the first intersection where the road turns up to the Goddess Grove a Bliss 15 and Blue Spright shower beams onto the roadway at shower the festival participants in thousands of beams with the blue cloudfield washing over the scene.


By the Divinitree Dome the roadway and oak trees are covered with millions of beams creating the Starfield Galaxy lighting installation giving viewers the sense of voyaging across a galaxy in space.





As darkness descends the Laser Starfield emerges across the roadway and neighboring oaks for the dazzling nightly display.




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