“Hey Mommy, my room is a supernova observatory!” – Laser Starfield Projector as a nightlight

When our friend’s son received his new birthday present his first comment was “Hey Mommy, my room is a supernova observatory!”  This Laser Stars Twilight projector transforms and room into a window into space in a much more interesting galaxy.
super nova  laser stars2

We have heard of some parents who keep their Laser Starfield Projector for their kids bedtime treat. Now they have their children who never wanted to go to bed saying to their parents “can I turn on the stars now” which is part of their bedtime ceremony each night.

super nova  laser stars

super nova  kaser starsWhen the lights are turned off the the ceilings and walls disappear into space because the holographic lens make the appearance of deep space, like looking at a movie screen.

Here is a little video clip that shows the lighting effects when this projector is added as a nightlight. There are actually thousands of beams that the camera cannot pick up and they cover the room with the blue cloudfield in the center.

Transform your home with the flick of a switch of any one of these Laser Starfield Projectors. 


~ by LasersandLights.com on October 31, 2013.

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