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Outdoor Laser Landscape Projectors make backyards and outdoor scenes turn to magic with a simple two step process, turn on and aim! If you have ANY ambient lighting in the same area, effects will be greatly diminished. However, if you are using your outdoor laser starfield projector in complete darkness, the displays will amaze you! Especially when shown onto trees and other greenery or foliage, Spright and LS20G lasers create a fairy land of firefly effects and sparkling surfaces that will make your perception of depth disappear. If you haven’t used your BlissLights laser in complete darkness you are are missing out! Experiment with multiple units for more dazzling exhibits, such as the BlissLight Spright in blue. Lasers and offers a guide to help you prepare your laser display. YouTube channel lasersandlightsocom shows numerous examples of achieving that “wow” effect you are looking for. Of course no written explanation, photo, or video can do better than seeing laser starfield projectors in person. We welcome any great captures on video or in images of lasers, send to Have you graduated from your Spright? Looking to add more to your outdoor laser display? We offer the custom LS20G 2X landscape laser with moving beams that offers more power and distance than the original LS20G. Find us on Facebook- Firefly Lasers.

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