Introducing The BlissLights “Spright” Green Laser Starfield projector!

Now a weatherproof Landscape Laser Starfield Projector for only $159-Click here-.!!!
Bliss Lights our new landscape lighting product, the BlissLight Spright. The BL Spright offers the same breath taking lighting effects as our LSA20G but at a fraction of the price. Click here to add the LSA210R RED laser starfield projector along with this green laser Spright for a combination of RED and GREEN laser beams covering your home and landscaping for the perfect Christmas display using lower electricity and an easy set up. These are stationary beam laser projectors. For the moving beam lasers click here.

Holiday lights without all the hard work? Ideal product to make Holiday decorating go fast and cost less in electricity.

Busy homeowners can set their holiday lights in minutes rather than hours by simply positioning their BlissLight Spright and plugging it in.
BlissLights don’t require ladders, climbing, or extra hands to install. The BlissLight Spright projects holiday lights onto your house, trees, shrubs, and bushes, taking all the hard work out of holiday lighting installations.

• Easy to install stake mounted fixture
• Similar power and coverage of the LSA20G at a fraction of the price
• Nighttime Operating temperature of -15ºF to 90 F
• Uses an average of just 3 watts when temperatures are above 55 F and 8 watts if temperatures are below 55F
• Automatically compensates for voltage drop in low voltage lighting systems (works with 9v to 24v AC and 12v to 32v DC)
• Microprocessor controlled for intelligent operation

MSRP: $199.99 on sale for only $159!

•Generates and projects thousands of pin-points of light
•Patent-pending holographic laser technology
•Weather resistant for outdoor use
•Transforms dark areas into a starfield array
•Features 2 built-in precision glass lenses
•Creates a one-of-a kind landscape lighting experience

Maximum Beamlet Power Less than 5 mw
Color 532nm Green
Laser MTBF More than 7,000 hours
Laser Optics Single Source
Power Consumption 2 watts: 65ºF – 90ºF – energy consumption increases to only 8 watts when mini heater warms laser at lower temperatures to keep laser operating
Power Input 12 VAC (power supply not included – standard outdoor lighting transformer should be sized for the number of units used. We will offer an outdoor 80 watt light sensitive 12vac transformer for $60 upon request)
Operation Indoor / Outdoor
Operating Temperature -15º F to 90º F
Projection Coverage 25 ft. X 25 ft.
Maintenance Maintenance Free
Dimensions 4”W x 16”H x 6”L
Warranty 1 Year


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