Burning Man Mega-Precompression June 19th San Francisco, 2010

Our new 3D Volumetric Laser system graces the stage at the entrance to the Mega_Precompression party at the San Francisco Concourse Hall. Here the collaborations of many video, audio, sculptural and lighting artists come together in artistic magnificence that is so traditionally Burning Man’s reputation. We were proud to make our debut performance of the 3D Laser system that has been a dozen years in development and made it’s first San Francisco appearance for this event. Watch the beams, sheets and waves of light stretch far into the hall immersing the audience in pure light realms. You must see this in person to realize how amazing this new experience is.
This is the first projector of its kind and the result of over 10 years of design work by the creator. This system is now available for sale or rental. This You Tube video does not give you the sharp clarity and 3D effects you will see in person.
The Pangolin proprietary QuickShow software operated from a laptop computer allows the operator to compose programs varying color, speed, rotation, sequences of patterns in a variety of effects. By adding diffractive lens this image can be multiplied into dozens of independent projections at 160 degrees from the lens filling up all surfaces in any size room. We offer this projector or laser show services for events including dance parties, theatric performances, concerts, raves and more. This is the same system that has been used by Universal Studios and Disneyland in their theme parks.
Contact us at shop@lasersandlights.com for more information. http://www.LasersandLights.com


~ by LasersandLights.com on June 20, 2010.

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