New Three Dimensional Laser Light Show projectors are here!!

Look at the new Volumetric (three dimensional) laser projector from BlissLights which was just unveiled and demonstrated at the Mobile Beat DJ convention in Las Vegas this last week. This creation has been in the works by BlissLights’ laser genius Randy Johnson for over a decade and now is being produced for events around the globe. This new system allows the projector to immerse the audience in pure light waves, sheets and rays that entirely surround the audience in safe pure light with up to 16,000 colors. This new projector has an unlimited amount of patterns and movements synchronized thru software to perfectly match musical programs or spontaneous creations by the operator. A super fine water mist is introduced to the air so that the pure light beams become visible the full length of each beam. Watch the videos we have posted to our Lasers and facebook page and you tube lasersandlightsocom channel to see this amazing new lighting effect in action. Get ready to witness these projections in person at festivals, night clubs and theaters across the nation as DJs, event producers and lighting experts put these projectors into use. You will be amazed to find yourself surrounded by pulsing light waves that bring your senses to the moment thru light/music immersion.

~ by on February 13, 2010.

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